Live Sports Betting is Here! Discover How the Pros Bet Live on NFL and College Football

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Bodog Live is the perfect method of participating in live sports betting. Now, when you bet on NFL and College Football, you can makes bets on the outcomes of individual plays, in addition to just the game itself. Whether watching the game live on TV or watching in person, it’s an intense interactive event. This style of sports betting is a fantastic fit for the pacing of NFL games. The two teams will usually huddle in between separate plays to discuss and make tactical decisions. Will the offense opt to run or pass the ball? A wager could be put down on that decision. wagers can also be made on the outcomes of those decisions, such as: Will it score a touchdown? You can make two separate kinds of NFL bets, both with a varied strategy that needs to be studied.

Tactical sports bets are geared toward those who have knowledgeof the assorted team’s coaches and thought processes. At the rudimentary level, you should be able to evaluate if a team’s offense leans more toward carries or throws. An example of a heavy run team would be the 2008 Baltimore Ravens, with a throw to throw attempt per game ratio of 36 to 28.8. On the other hand, the Denver Broncos took the record for most passes in 2008 with a carry to throw per game ratio of 25.5 to 38.2. It is important to put yourself into the mindset of a coach in order to anticipate the decisions that they are likely to make. But you can’t just think like any coach. You have to be sure to think the same way as that particular coach in order not to second-guess his strategy. In the end, it’s his calls and not yours that will matter. If your favorite team’s coach drives you nuts with his punts on 4th-and-short out of field-goal range, be sure to bet appropriately.

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Betting on the results of plays requires another mindset, and will place you into a more common sports handicapping role. Now it is the caliber of the teams that will require evaluated. The 2008 Ravens definitely favored carries, but their yards gained per carry were only at 3.7. Out of the 32 NFL teams, that is tied for 20th place. If you take the time to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each team’s individual parts, you can better predict each and every play and make more more accurate NFL and college football wagers in the upcoming football season. Luck be with you in your sports betting days to come!

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Tony Tellez

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Tony Tellez

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